Society for Phenomenology and Media

Workshop 2022

Face-to-face meeting in ARPA Puebla México

March 25 to 27, 2022

We are writing to announce that this year we are organizing a face-to-face workshop in ARPA BUAP México, parallel to our conference in Shanghai, which follows the guidelines on the conferences in Shangai Being Together in the Digital Age. The purpose of the parallel workshop at ARPA BUAP México is to provide the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting to interested members of the SPM, since it is not possible to travel to China to participate in the annual conference and there are no restrictions on traveling to Puebla, Mexico.


Our main event is the conference in Shanghai and the papers must be presented at that conference.


The workshop in Mexico would have a more informal nature, consisting in commenting on the topics previously discussed in Shanghai due to the time difference. The conference will have no registration fees for attending the event. Participants will only have the SPM membership fees that occurs every year.  For health controls, ARPA is commited to make safe spaces available to the SPM, with the necessary prevention measures, for the workshop. Due to the informal nature of the workshop at Arpa, it will not be necessary to send in papers. Participants in the workshop in Arpa need to send their paper to the mother event in Shanghai. As noted above, the goal of this companion event, is to facilitate and maintain direct personal contacts between members of the SPM.

If you are interested in attending this workshop in Arpa, Puebla, send an email to Marleni Reyes Monreal at